Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 18th - Symbolism of MahaVishnu - BV Picture Day

Hari OM !!

May 18th was the BV class Photoshoot day. Each class participated enthusiastically towards the event at Crossroads School. This year is our last year at Crossroads School before we move to our own Ashram at Cranbury Vrindavan. This class photo will serve as a fond memory of BV at Crossroads.

Symbolism of Maha Vishnu

Bhujaga-Sayanam - Lord Vishnu rests on Adi Sesha (or Ananta) as a bed. The thousand-hooded snake is turned towards the Lord's face. The snake represents our mind. Our mind is constantly filled with thoughts - both positive and negative and is always in a state of agitation. Once we turn our thoughts towards the Lord - just like the 1000-hooded Adi Sesha, our mind will be at peace and will attain calmness.

Ksheera - Sagara (Milky ocean) - The snake-bed of MahaVishnu lies on the Milky Ocean or Ksheera Sagara. The milky ocean represents our heart. It is white in colour and the colour white stands for purity. If our heart is pure, then it will certainly be the resting place of the Lord. 

Neela Varnam - The All pervasive sky above us is blue is colour. When we think of the blue sky, we think of something that is infinite, has neither beginning nor end, omnipresent. Lord Mahavishnu (as in the image above) is described as being blue in colour, meaning that he is all pervasive and omnipresent.

- We have 2 more Balavihar classes (June 1st and 8th) before the annual day - June 22nd.
- Please continue writing the Likhita Japa: "Om Namo Narayanaya"

Hari OM!!